Stockyard completes New 1250 sow breeder site

Michele Jones - Tuesday, August 01, 2017




Stockyard Completes NEW 2000 pig place nursery

Michele Jones - Friday, June 09, 2017

Stockyard have successfully completed a new 2000 pig place nursery. The building was supplied by Betco with Ventilation, penning and flooring by Big Dutchman.

Stockyard Team visit VIV ASIA in Bangkok

Michele Jones - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The team at Stockyard Industries including Marcus Jones, Steven Clohesy, Richard Boshoff and Katherine Jones recently attended VIV ASIA in Bangkok. With over 1,000 international exhibitors from 53 Countries, VIV Asia offered a unique opportunity to visit global market leaders in pig and poultry production. The Stockyard team were able to source new and innovative products and meet with suppliers and customers.

Big Dutchman, one of Stockyards key suppliers, was again one of the largest and most impressive stands at VIV ASIA . Big Dutchman’s focus for the show was on efficiency and smart farming which offered a great opportunity for the Stockyard team to meet with their customers to discuss upcoming projects with the technical and expert advice available from the Big Dutchman team.

Stockyard Team Attend Big Dutchman International Agents Meeting in Kula Lumpur

Michele Jones - Monday, August 22, 2016





The Stockyard Industries team recently had the opportunity to attend the Big Dutchman International Agents Meeting in Kula Lumpur. This was a great opportunity to meet with the Big Dutchman network of agents and distributors over five continents. The meetings allowed intensive exchange of information and ideas for both Pig and Poultry and allowed the Stockyard team to give feedback on customer products and service specific to our sales area. The conference was focused on the future challenges of our industry including growing customer demands, digital interconnectedness in all areas and the increasing requirement of animal welfare. Renowned experts from all around the world gave lectures on product development and up to date practical experience. There was also an opportunity to visit the brand new Warehouse and distribution centre based in Kula Lumpur.




Stockyard Exclusive Distributor for ALIS

Michele Jones - Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Stockyard are pleased to announce it has become the exclusive distributor for Greengage Lighting agricultural products in Australia. Marcus Jones the Director ofStockyardvisited their Head Office in Edinburgh to sign the deal with director Matthew Byrne with thehead of engineering Derek Liddle.

The distribution will bring LED Lighting and Inductive Power Systems (ALIS) to the Australian market. The AgriLamp Induction System (ALIS) is the latest lighting system from the AgriLamp Range. It is a ‘contactless’ power technology that allows for the LED fixtures to simply be clipped onto the cable in order to turn on. The system works by distributing highly regulated and safe constant current over the cable to the LED fixtures. Continued product improvement and innovation means high-end and complex technology can be used in one of the easiest and user-friendly lighting systems available. This allows this cutting-edge technology to be universally accessible and affordable.



Michele Jones - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Stockyard will again be exhibiting our products  at PIX 2016 Poultry Information Exchange 29-31 May 2016. Our team will be looking forward to seeing you there!

Stockyard moves into Bigger Warehouse in Bendigo

Michele Jones - Monday, August 17, 2015

During July, Stockyard moved into a bigger warehouse in North Bendigo to provide both their Pig and Poultry customers reliable availability of our extensive product range and offer a prompt service. The new Warehouse has 650sq metres of storage plus and office space of 100sq metres and is located at 65-67 Holdsworth Road, North Bendigo .The premises is also equipped with a formal meeting room if customers which to discuss projects. Due to our business expanding in both industries, Stockyard believed it was necessary to provide a larger southern Warehouse which will provide a more extensive range of products at a more competitive price. To assist in providing this service, Stockyard has appointed a Warehouse Manager to oversee the efficient management of orders, stock control and freight. Ryan Rees Started in July in this role and comes with more than 7 years experience in Warehouse management and customer service. You can contact Ryan directly at the Warehouse on 0438658259 or email any orders to . Steve Clohesy (0427 733 141) and Kyle Pearse (0488 045 388) are also always available for any sales enquires or orders.



New Poultry Sheds In Queensland

Michele Jones - Thursday, July 23, 2015


Stockyard Completes New Poultry Sheds in Queensland

Stockyard have recently supplied equipment and assisted in the coordination with shed builders and installers of six conventional Poultry sheds near Warwick in Queensland. The Sheds are 160m x17m with 4 feedlines and 5 drinker lines per shed with a 52,000 bird capacity. The Sheds have complete Big Dutchman equipment with 65T HE silos and VC 130 cones fans for tunnel ventilation and measured wind speed of 3.8m/sec which exceeds the Inghams specifications. The sheds also consist of 3 rows of 30W Agrilamps LED lights delivering an average lux of 33+. The first 3 sheds had birds placed in May and the next 2 sheds are scheduled for placement at the end of July, early August.