Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic Sow Feeder 2

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SKIOLD participated in bringing the first transponder system also called electronic sow feeding to Denmark, and our system is today one of the most sold systems in the world.

Are you in the process of buying transponder feed stations?

Housing it is important that you contact us from the beginning, as the correct layout of the housing is very important to the future management.

Operational reliability and flexibility are keywords. Our software ensures that you via your pocket computer and scanner always have the newest data and working lists with you in the housing.

Furthermore, our transponder system is the only system with a fully integrated Agrosoft pig system. This brings you great labour savings with regard to entering of data, and the possibility of making errors is reduced significantly.

  • Efficient control of sow’s feed intake (lack of feed consumption triggers an alarm)
  • Controlled Feeding of every single Sow
  • Automatic Dosing of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Efficient Management
  • No Waste of Feed
  • Low Overall Price
  • New ESF station better for sows and staff

Electronic Sow Feeder
Electronic Sow Feeder 2

The Skiold ESF has the following features:

  • Choice of two stations, with or without sow separation
  • Each station feeds up to 65 sows
  • The station uses Alflex transponder tags
  • Multiple spray marking
  • Sow heat detection ability
  • Integrates with Herd recording software


PDF ESF Brochure