Jyden Swap Pen

JLF10 SWAP is a farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, providing extra protection for piglets during the critical days right after farrowing.

The farrowing wing will aim to minimise the piglet mortality in free pen systems. This development of the SWAP-feature is based on our success with the older pen version, JLF10. More than half of the floor is solid (the res is slatted floor), ensuring good conditions for nesting.

During the critical days after farrowing, the area for the sow (JLF10) is decreased to the solid floor area (with a separate feeder, water and straw rack). JLF10 SWAP is based on an optimised and well proven solution for loose nursing sows, which has shown that the pen is both functional and hygienic. 

During the remaining period, the sow will walk freely in the pen. JLF10 SWAP ensures a safe environment with good welfare for sow and piglets. 

Benefits of JLF10 SWAP:

  • Optimal nesting behaviour
  • Extra protection of piglets
  • Improved welfare for both sow and piglets
  • Good management and overview of the pen (for the staff)
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Jyden Layout Drawing
Jyden Image
Jyden Image