Datamix Liquid Feeding

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The Skiold liquid feeding system is constructed to meet the professional pig producers high demands.

Demands with regard to operational reliability, user friendliness and flexibility.
The system is based upon an industrial computer, which with a Windows user interface shows the entire housing system on the screen. A special
software shows housing incidents on the screen as they occur in the housing.

The flexibility makes the system suitable for small as well as large housings. Mixing and feeding for up to 7 tanks at the same time is possible.

Some of these tanks can be used as satellite tanks, which means they can be placed in the housing and receive complete or partial compounds from a main mixer placed in the mixing room. 

The systems has the following facilities:

  • control of liquid minerals
  • control of fermentation system
  • full control of partial compounds in different parts of the pipe line
  • multi recipes for piglet, finisher and wtf housings
  • automatic setting of different grinding degrees on cereals


Datamix Liquid Feeding
Datamix Liquid Feeding Control