Greengage Products

ALIS LED 11W lights designed specifically for Pigs

Evenly distributed LED light to improve your livestock productivity and energy efficiency!

The 11W lamp distributed the same light as 100W incandescent lamp. LED light provides a more suitable wavelength and saturation intensity for livestock than other light sources.

Product Features:

  • Low heat, less than 70oC
  • UV or IR light radiation
  • Instant “ON” to 100% brightness.
  • No mercury or other in-organics.
  • Even light distribution.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Safety Standard: CE/UL approved.
  • Works with worldwide electrical systems.
  • Humidity proof, Dust proof, Shatter proof and Waterproof with an IP65 rating.
  • Smooth dimming effect.


Technical Specification:

  • Source: Greengage LED
  • Optics: Optical grade milky white polycarbonate lens
  • IP Grade: IP65
  • Lumens: 1124
  • Beam Angle: 175o ± 5o
  • Weight: 215 ± 5g
  • Rated Life: 60,000 hours or more


Working Environment:

  • Temperature: -40oC to 55oC
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 95%


Electrical Specification:

  • Power Consumption: 11W
  • Power Factor: 0.95