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Fresh air supply systems
– the right solution for every type of pig house!

Big Dutchman offers a wide range of fresh air supply systems to ensure optimal provision of fresh air. Depending on structural conditions and special requirements – high-velocity ventilation, diffuse air, negative or balanced pressure – the following systems can be implemented:

  • Fresh air inlets for installation into the wall or ceiling;
  • Perforated air channel and DiffAir ceiling;
  • Fresh air chimneys.

Big Dutchman Inlets


CL 1200, CL 1211 F, CL 1200 B/F, CL 1911 F, ZEW Polar
Fresh air inlets for wall installation

The wall inlets of the CL series are made of shock-proof, recyclable, non-deformable, UV-stabilised plastic and can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The insulated inlet flap is kept in a closed position by rustproof steel springs, thus sealing the building airtight.

The inlet flap is pulled open. This allows the farmer to regulate the inlet opening very precisely in each season. As an example from the winter season: the cold, outside air enters the building, immediately combining with the warm, inside air. This process helps create a more comfortable climate for the animals and can easily be managed with a control set. This control set opens the fresh air inlets either all at once or individually.

Due to the patented advanced inlet control (AIC), a single action at each inlet pre-defines which inlets open first and which open later. If the number of opened inlets is reduced, especially during the cold season or while heating is necessary, the remaining inlets can be opened further, which makes for a more stable airflow.

Big Dutchman Inlets Big Dutchman Inlets Big Dutchman Inlets Big Dutchman Inlets

The ZEW Polar 1300 wall inlet is made of polyurethane rigid foam – a very stable material with good insulating properties. The inlet can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The inlet flap of the ZEW Polar 1300 stays in line with its frame when open. Thanks to this special feature, the cold fresh air and the warm, humid house air only meet in areas outside the inlet. The flap therefore opens and closes reliably, even at very low temperatures, and less ice forms.

Big Dutchman Inlets

CL 1540 and ZED 5000
Fresh air inlets for the ceiling and combi-diffuse ventilation

Big Dutchman Inlets

The CL 1540 is a multi-purpose ceiling inlet. The materials of this inlet are made of recyclable, shock-proof, non-deformable and UV-stabilised plastic. Rustproof steel springs keep the insulated inlet flap closed. The inlet flap opens in a downward motion, helping create a forward-moving airflow in the direction the flap is facing. The air always flows along the ceiling, whether the inlet is opened fully or only sightly. This is done to avoid draughts in the animal area.

The corresponding control set opens the ceiling inlets either at once or individually. If a ceiling has a thickness of more than 110 mm (for example, if mineral wool is used) and/or to enhance the performance of the ceiling inlets, an optional intake funnel is available. The 1540, specifically, can be used for fresh air supply from the attic or for combi-diffuse ventilation.

Big Dutchman Inlets

The ZED 5000 inlet is made of polyurethane and is equipped with a flange so it can be fastened to the ceiling. This inlet can produce very high air rates and is therefore especially well suited for additional summer ventilation when combined with a DiffAir ceiling (combidiffuse ventilation). Another area of application is the socalled aisle ventilation for which the ceiling inlets are installed above the feed aisle. This ensures that fresh air is directed into the feed aisle.

Big Dutchman Inlets