Successful Show for the Stockyard Team at Food for Purpose

Tuesday May 21, 2024

The Stockyard Industries team enjoyed another successful Trade show at the Gold Coast in May. It was a great opportunity to display new products for both the Pig and Poultry customers and introduce new team members alongside our International suppliers from Big Dutchman and Schippers.


One of the standout displays was the MS Schippers Foaming wall which was used to demonstrate a new and innovative foaming cleaning agent.  The foam “sticks” to surfaces for an extended period of time, meaning the long surface time can enhance the break down of fats and waste making it easier to wash down.  This aligns perfectly with the event’s theme, “Food with Purpose,” emphasizing the need for responsible and purpose-driven approaches to food production.

Other items of interest included the Nesca 2 unit which is an integrated broiler breeder weighing system, a Poultry washing machine and a unique male chain feeding system designed exclusively for broiler breeder males.  On the pig side, a full ActiWel setup was on display which is a variable restraint pen with farrowing frame, also an Optiscan unit which is a mobile pig scale that determines pig weights through optical measurement and an Evo Pig Cleaner washing robot.  All items were very popular with customers.

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