Thursday October 8, 2020

NEW INTELLIGENT PLATFORM FOR PRECISION LIVESTOCKWith increasing consumer awareness about food
provenance, welfare and the environment, Stockyard Industries is introducing an intelligent platform for precision livestock farming. The new ALIS
sensors will make poultry production easier, smarter, and greener.

The ALIS Greenhouse Sensor works specifically to track CO2, ammonia, and humidity data, sending farmers alerts in real time.
Monitoring the in-house environment in this way allows the early identification of any issues which may be detrimental to bird health, welfare and

New research has emerged from a team of researchers in the UK showing that the emotional state of a chick can be measured with acoustic sensors. This makes it possible to identify in real-time, potential welfare issues such as inadequate access to feed and water or incorrect environmental conditions. Listening to your newly hatched chicks and being able to identify and react quickly to distress calling is a powerful tool to maintain chick well-being. The ALIS Chirpy Sensor encapsulates this concept, measuring bird acoustics in commercial farms.

The ALIS Cluster Sensor provides thermal imaging capability, allowing the farmer to have full visibility of flock mobility. It highlights
clusters of birds that may be indicative of poor environment that can trigger poor litter quality, pododermatitis and adverse gut health.

Temperature regulation and lighting are major variables determining chick welfare. Monitoring the temperature and light in a barn is essential for productivity
and production. The ALIS Ambient Sensor effectively monitors both variables, ensuring optimum temperature and light is always maintained.

The sensors conveniently clip onto our ALIS lighting systems, which eliminates retrofitting costs. This creates an aerial network of lights and sensors
monitoring the critical parameters for welfare, productivity, and the environment.

The analytics that are produced from these sensors can be accessed in real time with data supplied through a user-friendly browser or mobile devise dashboard.
Alerts are given when issues are highlighted, making for efficient problem solving.




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