Stockyard Team visit VIV ASIA in Bangkok

Michele Jones - Monday March 13, 2023

VIV Asia is an international trade show focused on animal husbandry and processing. It takes place every two years in Bangkok, Thailand, and attracts professionals from the feed, meat, dairy, and aquaculture industries. The event features exhibits from companies showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services related to animal production and processing. It also offers a platform for industry experts to share knowledge and insights through seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities. VIV Asia aims to promote sustainable and efficient animal production practices, and to facilitate business opportunities for industry players from around the world. Marcus Jones, Steve Clohesy and Cameron Ross from Stockyard all attended the event in early March. They had the opportunity to attend Big Dutchman Seminars and network with current and potential new suppliers and learn about new trends and technologies

Stockyard Team visit Euro Tier and BD Headquarters in Germany

Michele Jones - Thursday January 19, 2023

After a three-year break Marcus Jones (Managing Director) and Cam Ross (Sales Manager- Pigs) took the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany in November to visit Euro Tier, the world’s leading trade fair in animal farming and livestock management. With over 1,800 exhibitors from 57 countries, this was an excellent opportunity for the Stockyards team to visit old friends, suppliers  investigate new products and systems to suit the Australian Pig and Poultry markets. This time was well spent. In the coming months customers will start to see new products and innovations what Marcus and Cam found. It was also very interesting talking to many people on the new welfare codes that being integrated in Europe and the equipment that goes with that.

After the show Cam Ross also had the opportunity to Visit Big Dutchman headquarters in Vecta, Germany and toured the warehousing, show room and office Facilities. Big Dutchman also organised for Cam to visit a farm displaying BD ActivWell freedom farrowing crate on farm. Cam also travelled  to Denmark and visited Big Dutchman Scandinavia to tour BD Feed milling including 4,10 and 20 ton per hour mills.



Dresden Expands through Stockyard Industries

Michele Jones - Tuesday December 13, 2022

Victorian based producer, Grant Kelly and family, have been involved in the pig industry for over 50 years providing them an understanding of just how important it is to have high quality, durable equipment and housing for their pigs. That’s why, when looking to expand they turned to a well experienced and respected team in STOCKYARD INDUSTRIES who have recently completed their new turnkey 168 place dry sow mating shed and they couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

The new shed is naturally ventilated using Big Dutchman rolling curtains while utilizing four stir fans to maximize airflow, which is all controlled by a Big Dutchman Vento Climate Computer. Stockyard industries also supplied and installed 168 freedom style mating stalls with lifting back gates plus a Big Dutchman automatic feedline and 6-ton silo. The shed also incorporates a small 800mm concrete slatted flush drain just behind the stalls to allow for misting over the sows without wetting the open straw based area at the rear.

When asked of his experience with Stockyard Industries, Grant was pleased to share the following: “the team have a vast understanding of everything from design at the beginning to planning approvals and permits all the way through to commissioning the equipment at the end of the build. With construction starting through the middle stages of the Covid pandemic, there were minor challenges along the way, as you’d expect during those conditions. But Cam Ross (Stockyard Industries Pig Sales Manager) and everyone involved went above and beyond to ensure all issues were resolved as promptly as possible and provided us with a smooth and stress-free build allowing us to focus on our business”.

Given the long cold winter we’ve just endured we’ve seen some great evidence of just how well the shed’s performing. Our sows are now maintaining far better health due to no extreme fluctuations in temperature, as previously experienced when housing in eco shelters. We’ve also seen that through the winter period the sows are staying a lot warmer compared to previous years, so we’ve had to cut back their feed consumption by an average of 1kg per sow each day to ensure they stay within an optimal weight range for their gestation period. As well as cost reductions in feed we’ve been able to reduce our overhead by saving labor requirements through automation which we can now rely on to feed our pigs and keep the shed at a consistent temperature all year round.

With everything performing exactly as it should, we couldn’t be more impressed – the experience and knowledge Stockyard Industries possess is second to none. That’s why we’ve recently engaged them to get our next project underway which we can do with full confidence knowing they will achieve our desired results.



Stockyard Industries Team at PIX AMC Pork Production Conference

Michele Jones - Wednesday June 1, 2022

The Stockyard Industries team had a successful Trade show at the Gold Coast in May. It was great to finally catch up with both our  Pig and Poultry Customers at one event.

It was also great to finally have our experienced Technical team together for the first time

We were excited to display and demonstrate  some new products including the Evo Cleaner which generated a lot of interest.

It was also beneficial to have our Big Dutchman representatives form Malaysia , Nigel Goodie (Director , Sales BD Pig)  and Vigo Poulsen to assist with any project and product designs.


New GS100 Wet/Dry Feeder

Michele Jones - Thursday June 16, 2022

GS100 Wet/Dry Feeder


Stockyard Industries Business Growth and new Employees (APN- June 22)

Michele Jones - Thursday June 16, 2022

Visit Stockyard Industries at PIX AMC Pork Production Conference 15th-17th May 22

Michele Jones - Wednesday March 23, 2022

Stockyard Industries is excited to once again be involved with the Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) and Australian Milling (AMC) Pork Production Conference  (PIX / AMC 2022).  This event includes the Pig Industry, which will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sunday 15th May to Tuesday 17th May, 2022.  Our experienced Sales and Technical team will be at our Trade Stand exhibition and be on hand to demonstrate new products / equipment.

We look forward to seeing you at PIX / AMC 2022 which is the largest and most important industry conference for the year.  This is the first time customers and suppliers can engage the Pig, Poultry and Milling industries at the one event in Australia.  Below is a link to the website for registration and program details.

Stockyard Industries turnkey projects (APN- April 2022)

Michele Jones - Friday April 8, 2022


Insight into Stockyard Industries (APN- January 2022)

Michele Jones - Tuesday January 11, 2022

Australian Pork Newspaper – Page 10 -January 2022.

Need a cost effective refurb and upgrade of your old shed?

Michele Jones - Tuesday November 23, 2021

Stockyard Industries have just completed a 500 Nursery shed in SA, complete shed refurbishment and ventilation upgrade. Big Dutchman ventilation and feeding system upgrade included Rainmaker evaporative cooling system, CL600 wall fans, actuated ceiling inlets, 307 Pro climate computer and DR1500 chain disc corner drive