Marcus Jones Visits Big Dutchman Asia

Michele Jones - Monday November 13, 2023


Marcus recently visited Big Dutchman Asia HQ in Klang, Malaysia.

Celebrating Enduring Partnership


New Warehouse for Stockyard Industries in Bendigo

Michele Jones - Thursday November 2, 2023
Stockyard Industries have now finalized the move in to the new Warehouse and office located at 14 AlstonVale Court, East Bendigo. As the business continues to grow a larger capacity warehouse was required. It is  logistically optimal and  efficiently designed and has created more space for our  team

New SYI Warehouse for Bendigo

Michele Jones - Tuesday October 3, 2023

Farrowing Shed gets a makeover!

Michele Jones - Wednesday August 16, 2023


Farrowing shed gets a makeover through Stockyard Industries

Stockyard Industries has been supplying the Australian Pig Industry with not only quality farm equipment but also farm design and shed construction for more than 30 years.

Recently, Stockyard Industries, has facilitated the design and refurbishment of a 138 sow farrowing shed.  Thanks to the expertise of IKC, a leading manufacturing and construction company in pig housing solutions, the farrowing shed had a major upgrade. The ageing facility has been rejuvenated with Big Dutchman ventilation, control systems, alarm systems, cool cell dog boxes, new fans and ceiling inlets. The climate control has been enhanced, ensuring optimal ventilation for the sows and their piglets all year round.

The equipment installation and shed modifications were performed by IKC Industries who are very experienced within the industry.  IKC manufacture and build Australia wide and are specifically focussed on the agriculture sector.  They work extensively within the intensive farming industry in the Pig and Poultry sectors, covering all aspects of design, manufacturing, construction and shed erection.  They work closely with clients to understand their needs to provide innovative technologies that enhance profitability, lower maintenance costs and improve day to day operations.

Stockyard Industries technicians complete commissioning of required equipment and have the ability to support and service the farm on an ongoing basis.  A Service Agreement can also be constructed between the primary producer and Stockyard Industries to plan technicians to return to the farm and check on technical equipment periodically throughout the year.  Remote, phone support is available to ensure the equipment and the farm are operating at optimal performance.

According to the farm manager, the refurbishment project was smooth and straight forward. He said, Cam Ross from Stockyard Industries and IKC were very professional and efficient, and delivered the project well. He also praised the quality of the materials used and also the regular updates and consistent communication with how the project was progressing.

The refurbished farrowing shed will bring many benefits to the farm.  It will create a better working environment that is much easier and better for staff to work in as they can monitor and manage the sows and piglets more effectively. The new automated system will reduce labour costs and improve productivity as well as improve welfare of sows and piglets.

When considering new, refurbished, upgrades or extensions to pig production facilities, contact Stockyard Industries!


Big Dutchman Feed Milling & Mixing Systems

Michele Jones - Monday July 24, 2023

“Big Dutchman Feed Milling equipment through Stockyard Industries”

Big Dutchman (Scandinavia) Feed Mill is a company that is part of the Big Dutchman group, which is a global leader in pig and poultry production equipment. Stockyard Industries is the Australian distributor of Big Dutchman Feed Mills and equipment.

Big Dutchman (Scandinavia), with more than 80 years of international experience has become a market leader in developing computer controlled, feeding systems.  They have built a strong reputation for quality, service and innovation.  Located in Denmark, farmers in the area have had a long tradition for having their own crop production, and therefore it became natural for them to look for the possibility to produce their own feed to reduce the cost of externally purchasing feed for the farm animals.  In the 1990´s as farms grew bigger, the demand for computers to control these Feed Mills grew with it. This was the kick-start for Big Dutchman (Scandinavia) to enter this market. Due to the high experience in having computers to control farm equipment, Big Dutchman (Scandinavia) was fast becoming one of the key producers of high quality, farm Feed Mills.  Since then, many Feed Mill´s in different sizes, have been installed all over the world.

Feed milling is a critical process for farmers who want to produce their own feed mixes from home-grown cereals and other ingredients. It can also be beneficial to the overall farm, as it allows farmers to have more control over their feed quality and quantity, save transport costs and increase flexibility.  Feed Milling requires high-quality equipment, efficient energy use and precise control of the feed quality and quantity.  That is why many farmers choose Big Dutchman Scandinavia Feed Mill, a company that offers innovative and reliable technology and equipment for feed production.

A wide range of products for Feed Milling is available from Big Dutchman such as drum cleaners that remove sand and foreign particles from the crops before milling, filters that reduce moisture and dust in the feed, hammer mills, dry mixers that ensure homogeneous mixing of the ingredients, silos that store the grain and mixed feed safely and conveniently and pelleting equipment that compresses the feed into pellets or crumbles for better digestibility and reduced waste. These products are designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of farmers, whether they want to produce fine or coarse meals, organic or conventional feed, small or large batches.

One of the most remarkable products of Big Dutchman Feed Mill is the MBM rotary grain mill, which combines high capacity with control of the resulting particle size for the production of fine meals. The MBM rotary grain mill is claimed to reduce energy use by 50%, compared with conventional milling.  It also has longer-lasting flails and screen, which reduce maintenance costs and downtime. The MBM rotary grain mill can handle different types of cereals and grains, such as wheat, barley, corn and soybeans.  It can also be adjusted to produce different particle sizes, depending on the desired feed quality and animal performance.

Big Dutchman Scandinavia Feed Mill in conjunction with Stockyard Industries are more than just suppliers of equipment.  They are also a partner of farmers who want to improve their feed production and animal performance.  The companies provide custom-designed solutions that are adapted to the individual requirements and goals of each farm. They offer technical support, training and after-sales service to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

Today, Feed Mills are available in sizes of 1-20 ton an hour for livestock animals such as pigs and layers / poultry.  The main product, and all the key machines, are still developed and produced in Denmark by Big Dutchman (Scandinavia) with a high focus on quality, low maintenance equipment and with low running costs.

Advantages of Big Dutchman Feed Mills:

  • High energy efficiency. Power usage of 10-15 kw per ton produced feed (from intake to delivery)
  • Available spare parts
  • Focus on high accuracy in dosing and mixing (10 and 100 gram accuracy on scales)
  • Low demand for manpower via complete automation
  • Standard setups, but customized for each customer

Here is a comment from a farm owner who has recently installed a Big Dutchman Feed Mill:

“With Farm Milling from Big Dutchman, we get a quick and easy overview of the status of the Mill. High quality feed is produced from our own recipes through using equipment that is simple to operate and train staff to use.”

When considering a Feed Mill, contact Cameron Ross from Stockyard Industries at or  0488 045 388.

(F) PIG-Milling and Mixing Systems

A Poultry Farm with a Vision.

Michele Jones - Monday July 24, 2023

Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd:  A Poultry Farm with a Vision – expansion through Stockyard Industries

Poultry farming is a challenging and competitive industry that requires constant innovation and adaptation to meet the demands of consumers, regulators and environmentalists.  Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd, Tamrookum location, is a poultry broiler farm situated 90 km’s south east of Brisbane and a farm that has embraced the latest technology and best practices to ensure the welfare of its birds and quality of its products.

Singh Enterprises recently expanded to ten sheds and installed Big Dutchman farm equipment, a world leader in innovative equipment for modern egg, poultry and pig production.  The equipment includes LB White Heaters, ventilation systems, cooling systems, mini vents, pad cooling, controllers, feed lines, drinker lines, cross auger functionality and stir fans.  These features help to create an optimal climate for the birds, regulate the temperature and humidity, reduce ammonia emissions and dust levels, and improve feed conversion and growth rates.

The farm owner, Teja Singh, said that the investment in Big Dutchman equipment was motivated by his vision to provide the best possible environment for his birds.  He said that he was familiar with  the performance and reliability of the equipment, as well as the service and support of Stockyard Industries.  Teja thoroughly investigated product options in the market before progressing with Big Dutchman equipment through Stockyard Industries.  Product reliability at a competitive price, customer service and ongoing support were contributing factors in his decision.  Another major consideration was the technical expertise offered by Stockyard Industries.  Jade Grundmann and Jude Parfitt, Stockyard Industries Technical Managers, commissioned the sheds.  Jade has been in the industry and worked on Big Dutchman products for over twenty years and Jude, being a qualified electrician, has also been working in the Poultry and Pig Industries for many years.  They smoke tested the sheds and tested all electrical and mechanical products adjusting settings and controls in conjunction with the farm manager to get the sheds operating exactly how the site requires.  Jade and Jude spent time with staff training them on the controller and are only a phone call away to respond to any and all questions.  An added advantage is that Jude lives within a short drive from this farm so is available to attend in person on limited notice if needed.

Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd is an example of a progressive and responsible poultry farm that strives to meet the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.  By using Big Dutchman equipment, the farm has improved its productivity and efficiency while also reducing its energy consumption.  Stockyard Industries commends Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd for its vision and leadership in the poultry industry and looks forward to partnering in future expansions.

When considering new, refurbished, upgrades or extensions to poultry production facilities, contact Stockyard Industries at

Stockyard Team visit VIV ASIA in Bangkok

Michele Jones - Monday March 13, 2023

VIV Asia is an international trade show focused on animal husbandry and processing. It takes place every two years in Bangkok, Thailand, and attracts professionals from the feed, meat, dairy, and aquaculture industries. The event features exhibits from companies showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services related to animal production and processing. It also offers a platform for industry experts to share knowledge and insights through seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities. VIV Asia aims to promote sustainable and efficient animal production practices, and to facilitate business opportunities for industry players from around the world. Marcus Jones, Steve Clohesy and Cameron Ross from Stockyard all attended the event in early March. They had the opportunity to attend Big Dutchman Seminars and network with current and potential new suppliers and learn about new trends and technologies

Stockyard Team visit Euro Tier and BD Headquarters in Germany

Michele Jones - Thursday January 19, 2023

After a three-year break Marcus Jones (Managing Director) and Cam Ross (Sales Manager- Pigs) took the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany in November to visit Euro Tier, the world’s leading trade fair in animal farming and livestock management. With over 1,800 exhibitors from 57 countries, this was an excellent opportunity for the Stockyards team to visit old friends, suppliers  investigate new products and systems to suit the Australian Pig and Poultry markets. This time was well spent. In the coming months customers will start to see new products and innovations what Marcus and Cam found. It was also very interesting talking to many people on the new welfare codes that being integrated in Europe and the equipment that goes with that.

After the show Cam Ross also had the opportunity to Visit Big Dutchman headquarters in Vecta, Germany and toured the warehousing, show room and office Facilities. Big Dutchman also organised for Cam to visit a farm displaying BD ActivWell freedom farrowing crate on farm. Cam also travelled  to Denmark and visited Big Dutchman Scandinavia to tour BD Feed milling including 4,10 and 20 ton per hour mills.



Dresden Expands through Stockyard Industries

Michele Jones - Tuesday December 13, 2022

Victorian based producer, Grant Kelly and family, have been involved in the pig industry for over 50 years providing them an understanding of just how important it is to have high quality, durable equipment and housing for their pigs. That’s why, when looking to expand they turned to a well experienced and respected team in STOCKYARD INDUSTRIES who have recently completed their new turnkey 168 place dry sow mating shed and they couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

The new shed is naturally ventilated using Big Dutchman rolling curtains while utilizing four stir fans to maximize airflow, which is all controlled by a Big Dutchman Vento Climate Computer. Stockyard industries also supplied and installed 168 freedom style mating stalls with lifting back gates plus a Big Dutchman automatic feedline and 6-ton silo. The shed also incorporates a small 800mm concrete slatted flush drain just behind the stalls to allow for misting over the sows without wetting the open straw based area at the rear.

When asked of his experience with Stockyard Industries, Grant was pleased to share the following: “the team have a vast understanding of everything from design at the beginning to planning approvals and permits all the way through to commissioning the equipment at the end of the build. With construction starting through the middle stages of the Covid pandemic, there were minor challenges along the way, as you’d expect during those conditions. But Cam Ross (Stockyard Industries Pig Sales Manager) and everyone involved went above and beyond to ensure all issues were resolved as promptly as possible and provided us with a smooth and stress-free build allowing us to focus on our business”.

Given the long cold winter we’ve just endured we’ve seen some great evidence of just how well the shed’s performing. Our sows are now maintaining far better health due to no extreme fluctuations in temperature, as previously experienced when housing in eco shelters. We’ve also seen that through the winter period the sows are staying a lot warmer compared to previous years, so we’ve had to cut back their feed consumption by an average of 1kg per sow each day to ensure they stay within an optimal weight range for their gestation period. As well as cost reductions in feed we’ve been able to reduce our overhead by saving labor requirements through automation which we can now rely on to feed our pigs and keep the shed at a consistent temperature all year round.

With everything performing exactly as it should, we couldn’t be more impressed – the experience and knowledge Stockyard Industries possess is second to none. That’s why we’ve recently engaged them to get our next project underway which we can do with full confidence knowing they will achieve our desired results.



Stockyard Industries Team at PIX AMC Pork Production Conference

Michele Jones - Wednesday June 1, 2022

The Stockyard Industries team had a successful Trade show at the Gold Coast in May. It was great to finally catch up with both our  Pig and Poultry Customers at one event.

It was also great to finally have our experienced Technical team together for the first time

We were excited to display and demonstrate  some new products including the Evo Cleaner which generated a lot of interest.

It was also beneficial to have our Big Dutchman representatives form Malaysia , Nigel Goodie (Director , Sales BD Pig)  and Vigo Poulsen to assist with any project and product designs.