Stockyard Completes new Poultry Sheds in Queensland

Stockyard have recently supplied equipment and assisted in the coordination with shed builders and installers of  six conventional Poultry sheds near Warwick in Queensland. The Sheds are 160m x17m with 4 feedlines and 5 drinker lines per shed with a 52,000 bird capacity. The Sheds have complete Big Dutchman equipment with 65T HE silos and VC 130 cones fans for tunnel ventilation and measured wind speed of 3.8m/sec which exceeds the Inghams specifications. The sheds also consist of 3 rows of 30W Agrilamps LED lights delivering an average lux of 33+. The first 3 sheds had birds placed in May and the next 2 sheds are scheduled for placement at the end of July, early August.