GS100 Wet/Dry Feeder

GS100 Wet/ Dry Feeder- Quality Design at an economical price resulting in higher daily gain

Dosing Unit

    • Easy for the pigs to trig-they learn it from day one
    • Designed for avoiding feed caking and waste

Water Supply System

    • Integrated in lid and frame- no risk of leaking
    • Two strong and efficient water nipples in stainless steel per trough


    • With two intergrated water side cups and a platform with smooth edges for feed
    • The pigs can mix water and feed or chose to eat and drink seperately
    • The surface and design promote high hygiene


    • Perfect hopper shape designed to prevent bridging
    • Lid with 3 holes for feed supply
    • Special designed hinges ensures the lid to stay open

Dosing Adjustment

    • Lever with 15 levels for feed flow adjustment. Scale on both sides of the feeder
    • Easy to adjust precisely- waste reduction-optimum daily gain