Schick Sortall Revolution 2

The SortAll® Revolution 2 is a highly automated hog sorting system designed to encourage consistent growth, provide growers and integrators
with highly organized data, and promote informed business decision-making.

Constructed entirely out of stainless steel, each scale is equipped with a browser-based software interface, giving producers access to
both granular and big-picture information on the health and progress of two pens’ worth of pigs. When properly managed, SortAll finishers
significantly outperform conventional finishers in sort loss, loading time and mortality.

  • Effective: Encourages consistent pig growth
  • Scalable: Handles up to 1,400 head
  • Durable: All stainless steel construction
  • Efficient: Gathers organized data

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Super Sorter


Sorter features and benefits:

  • Reduce labor and increase efficiencies
  • Pigs line up to go through sorter
  • Manage the feeding of pigs
  • Get pigs to market uniformly
  • Mark pigs at any sort level with different colour combinations
  • HerdStar® patented ESP (Electronic Sense of Position) – no troublesome gate triggers or electronic eyes
  • Open frame design speeds training and reduces stress