Mating Stalls


Freedom Stalls

Freedom Stalls give the sow freedom to walk around and provides a private place to escape aggressive boss sows where they eat and rest.

The trigger gate in front of the sows trips the rear gate down and closes her away from other sows. This can be locked for veterinary or
mating purposes.

A positive automatic lock prevents other sows from opening the rear gate from the outside making it a very safe environment for sows from
other aggressive sows.

The simple release rear gate allows the sow to back whenever she chooses with ease and no training.

Freedom Stalls

Mating Stations

  • Fully hot dipped Galvanised Frame
  • Feed Tubes as an option
  • 2300mm x 650mm (standard size)
  • AI Rear Gate
  • High or Low back
  • Polymer Concrete or SS trough as option
Mating Stations

Head Stalls

Stalls are durable, made of either 1″ square tube or 3/4″ solid rod.

  • Stalls are fully galvanised
  • Choice of straight or sloped front gates
  • All stalls come with stainless steel feet
  • Stalls come with an optional feed tube
  • Stalls can be made to any length and width