Evo Cleaner

Modernize washing routines and free up time

Evo Cleaner is a unique washing robot developed for pig sheds. The Robot streamlines and enables automated stall washing regardless of the time of day. Through simple joystick learning, you will teach the robot an optimal washing routine, fully
designed to your specific stall interior and washing needs.

    • Joystick learning
    • Can handle all types of interior
    • Washes according to a pre-set scheme
    • Online- SMS notification when done
    • Low water consumption (14.5 litre/min)
    • Wash 24/7
    • Reach of 6 meters with efficient result- smooth and precise movements


Key Components making it unique

Powered by two 12-Volt batteries

Magnetic markers helps the robot position itselfEasily programmed with a joystick

50m hose connected to an external washer





More Information visit – Envirologic


             ROBOT IN ACTION