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Heating systems – for ideal house temperatures

Ideal house temperatures have a substantial influence on pig health and performance. Adequate heating systems are therefore required in
many climate zones. The overall goal is to maximise the thermal yield and transfer it to the pigs in the best possible way to keep
energy costs as low as possible. Big Dutchman offers several different systems for full-space or zone heating powered by gas, oil or
hot water. Please let our experts advise you to find the ideal heating system for your house!

Big Dutchman Heating Systems

Hot-water convection heaters
– no open combustion inside the house

Convection heaters are becoming increasingly popular, since they significantly improve the house climate (reduced CO2 concentration in
the house air). The objective is to maximise the heat output. This is achieved by a radiator with a large surface. The heating elements
are mounted directly beneath the air inlets to heat the incoming air. In piglet rearing houses with two-climate systems, mainly Twin
pipes are installed directly in the resting area. This saves energy costs as temperatures in the rest of the pen can be significantly
lower. The 135pro and 235pro climate computers regulate the entire house climate, including the stepless three-way control of the hot-water
heaters from 0 to 100 %. The pigs thus do not have to suffer from fluctuating temperatures, an important benefit which maximises growth.

Big Dutchman Heating

Zone heating – ideal for use in piglet rearing houses

Piglets need a lot of warmth, especially during the first days after moving to the rearing house so as to be able to cope better with the
critical weaning period. Ideally, the resting area should have a temperature of approximately 32°C. Apart from traditional full-space
heating, zone heating operated with hot water is becoming increasingly popular for pig rearing houses. Such zones are created using
a covering plate or »hover« that is fixed at a distance of 70 to 80 cm above the slatted floor. The required dimensions of the cover
depend on the number of piglets and the depth of the pen. An edge of approx. 20 cm in the front area of the plate helps to create a
heat blanket. The heating system (Twin pipe) is installed directly below the plate. The main purpose of this system is to heat the
resting area of the piglets. As the rest of the pen does not require as much heat, therefore making lower temperatures possible, heating
costs are significantly reduced.

Big Dutchman Zone Heating