Penguin Rotational Feeder

The most popular feeder on the market.

  • Maximises feed conversion by allowing pigs to eat naturally
  • Simple and extremely robust
  • Feeds up to 40 pigs per feeder
  • Wet or dry meal/pellets
  • Unique rotating and pivoting feed dispenser means no blockages
  • UV Stabilised

Stainless Steel Verison

Penguin Feeder Steel

“Original” Heavy-duty Cast Iron Feeder

Penguin Feeder Cast Iron

Code Item Capacity Weight Lenght Width Height
111-00029 Finisher 100kg 50kg 68cm 68cm 129cm
111-00030 Weaner 50kg 35kg 61cm 61cm 111cm
111-00110 SS Finisher 100kg 50kg 68cm 68cm 129cm
111-00111 SS Weaner 50kg 56kg 68cm 61cm 117cm
Penguin Feeder with Pigs
Penguin Feeder