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Big Dutchman has two innovative electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems on offer: Call-Innpro and CallMaticpro.

Each of these feeding systems is a perfect choice for pregnant sows kept in groups. They ideally combine the advantages of animal-friendly
housing and a feeding method specially adapted to the requirements of each individual sow. For the sows, group management means more freedom to move, better health, and robustness. Individual, computer-controlled feeding allows the feed supply to be matched precisely to the condition of the sow. For the farm manager, this means healthy sows, performance-related feeding, and best use of the house surface area. The feeding station can also be used to select sows automatically.

How electronic sow feeding works

Each sow is marked with a transponder ear tag. When a sow enters the feeding station, which is always open when no sow is inside the station,
she passes a light barrier. As soon as the sow has entered the feeding station, the entrance gate closes. The sow is identified by the computer by means of an antenna located above the trough flap. If the sow is entitled to receive the feed, the trough opens and feed is measured out in small portions. When the sow has finished eating, the trough flap closes. If the sow is not entitled to receive the feed, the trough flap remains closed. The entrance gate re-opens after a set time delay if a sow does not leave the station by herself.
The next sow then enters the station and automatically drives out the last sow. If a sow leaves the station even though she is still
entitled to receive feed, the feeding process stops and the sow can eat her remaining share at a later point in time.


Electronic Sow Feeder
Electronic Sow Feeder 2

The Big Dutchman ESF has the following features:

  • Management of large groups (max. 60 sows per station) –> animal-friendly and economic housing system.
  • Individual feeding of all sows based on the current requirements of each sow for a better overall condition and healthy animals.
  • Trough flap remains closed if the sow is not entitled to receive feed.
  • Manual operation directly at the station is possible.
  • Pneumatic opening of the gates; the entrance gate is always open when the station is unoccupied, which makes training gilts much easier.
  • Solid side partitions for undisturbed feed intake.
  • Use of sound-absorbing materials to ensure a low noise level in and around the station.