Mating Lights


Leading advisors and veterinarians recommend a minimum  of 200 lux for sows 17 hours a day. The LED Lighting System installed right
above the sows secure that they receive the right amount of light. 

Flexible use and easy installation

The LED light system  can be used in all stable environments, with the included mounting clips and the plug and play connections making
it easy and inexpensive to  install

Economical -Low usage of power

With the System light you can save up to 60% of power compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.


IP65 approved Strong aluminium case secure right cooling and durability. LED’s are coated, and electrical parts embedded in silicone to
protect from humidity and ammonia. 50,000 hours, 2 year warranty

Plug and Play

Up to 16 tubes can be connected (,300w) with the plug and play connections. They can be easily mounted in ceilings, wire mounted, or mounted
directly over the sows with the special galvanized brackets.

Technical Information

50/60HZ, 100-265 V

Available colours, 4000, and 6000 Kelvin

 Product           Length      Watt      Max piece   

RN ST 120A       120cm       18w       16
RN ST 150A       150cm       25w       12
RN ST 240A       240cm      40w       7