Stockyard supplies two types of concrete flooring

Sunds Alfa Concrete Slats

The  wide range of  slats and floors for pig buildings makes it easy to identify the optimal solution for your project- no matter
what size of animal and type of building. The standard slat is an all-round slat that is particularly well suited for sows/grower/finisher
pigs. The pig slats have a unique finish, featuring our well-known soft round slot openings. This provides a great finish and animal-friendly
flooring that minimizes risk of scored legs and hoof injuries. 

  • The slats are certified to load class B3- calculated for animal weights up to 250 kg.
  • Optimized surface on slats results in a non-skid/slip surface contributing to better animal welfare
  • Concrete has a low water absorption, combined with design of the slot openings reduce the accumulation of manure in slot openings and
    dry manure to an absolute minimum
  • Easy to lay and interchangeable
  • Made to very high European Standards
  • Sizes from 0.8m to 3.3m in 0.1m increments
  • All slats 400mm wide
  • Slot width available in 1.7cm  or 1.9cm
  • 45 MPA





Concrete Stoktiles

121-00003 BLOCKS STOKTILES (18, 22,25) 390x190x90mm

121-00005 SUPPORT BLOCK 390x190x65mm

  • Allows versatility in arrangement
  • Can be removed and swapped with other blocks in modular arrangements
  • Textured coated walls
  • Support system allows for extremely efficient flushing
  • Tested to 7.1kN breaking load
Flooring Concrete Stoktile