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Welfare products for future pig management

Modern pig production must be economically viable but also needs to take account of consumer demand for animal-friendly production systems. Big Dutchman strives to keep abreast of new trends and to develop products which enhance production systems whilst at the same time satisfying customer preferences.

Big Dutchman Penning Welfare

Enrichment toys enhance pig welfare for pigs of all ages

Pigs need to be occupied! Sows kept in groups, piglets in the rearing house and pigs during the finishing stages have to drink, feed and rest – but they also need to be occupied during the remaining time and search for diversion and toys. In order to satisfy this need, Big Dutchman offers a wide variety of enrichment toys. These include playing chains with a range of chewable attachments and access to organic material which can be chewed and rooted.

Big Dutchman Penning Toys

Service and dry sow housing with group pens or free-access stalls

Big Dutchman Penning

The service house is the starting point for the production system. The housing needs plenty of light with as much natural daylight as possible. Both service and dry sow areas need to be designed to minimise any aggression and to ensure that individual animals receive their feed allocation, whilst having ample freedom of movement.
This has the following advantages:

  • The entire musculoskeletal system recovers better and more quickly after farrowing.
  • The sows can establish the required hierarchy very early on.
  • Sows kept in groups go into heat more easily.
  • The sows can be stimulated more intensively.

Pig Production 2030 The Big Dutchman concept study to meet future challenges

Big Dutchman is committed to meeting the challenges facing pig production in the future. We have a pioneering spirit and are dedicated to developing and improving equipment and systems on behalf of the pig industry. We have set the highest standards over the last 75 years and have had a major influence on pig production with new and practical developments during that time. Numerous awards have been won proving our ability to identify needs and provide innovative solutions. Improving pig welfare and animal health have been the main drivers in developing the concept study Pig Production 2030 which has attracted a great deal of interest from the industry. This Pig House of the Future provides a real practical basis for discussion and development – proving that we are courageous enough to push forward with further innovations into the future.

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