Efficient and economic illumination of ceilings and aisles

FlexLED is a very flexible LED tube lamp. Be it aviaries or enriched colony systems, there are nearly no boundaries for FlexLED. The main cable runs through the entire house(outside of the bird area) without any plug connections and thus ensures that the entire power remains in the main line. Retrofitting additional FlexLED tube lamps at a later point is also very simple. Thanks to the plug and play principle, each LED tube can be installed individually in any place. In addition all connections are completely waterproof.



Main Advantages

  • low power consumption
  • resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • 0 to 100% dimmable
  • even light distribution
  • zero flickering even at low light intensities
  • 2-channel lamp (warm white/red)
  • Plug and Play installation for quick and easy and flexible mounting
  • available in different lengths