Viper Touch

The flexible climate and production computer for all types of poultry production.

The computer allows for an optimal poultry climate control and is not only characterised by its simple operation via touchscreen, it is
also unsurpassed in terms of comfort, speed and performance. In combination with the PC program BigFarmNet Manager all climate and
poultry production data can easily be analysed.

Viper Touch Screen

Viper Touch Screen

Good. Better. Best. – We never let it rest.

  • Brilliantly simple operation via touch screen
  • 4 ideal climate and production computer for all types of poultry
  • production – broilers, broiler breeders, turkeys, ducks, layers –
  • 4 freely adjustable operating modes: Basic, Flex or Profi Mode
  • 4 extremely fast processor
  • 4 speaks 16 languages – including yours
  • 4 customisable home screen
  • 4 integrated network interface
  • 4 simple alarm management
  • 4 compatible with the PC Program
  • BigFarmNet-Manager

A new experience in terms of comfort, speed and performance Viper Touch has a large, graphical colour display on which all functions
are clearly displayed. The symbols used in the main menus are easy to interpret and facilitate navigation.

In the standard version, the computer is delivered in English and German. There are however more than 16 different languages
available, such as Chinese, Danish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai …

Data and settings can be saved on a USB stick (backup copy) by means of which it is also possible to install new programs. If
the standard version is not sufficient, the computer can be upgraded with an extension box. The extension box allows incorporation
of 10 to 40 additional relay modules with or without manual control as is often requested, for example, for the 



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