Relax Nest

The ideal single-tier group laying nest for broiler breeders for high quality hatching eggs

Relaxed Nest

Relax – the perfect solution for broiler breeders

Relax is a group laying nest, which has been newly developed by Big Dutchman especially for broiler breeders.

The following points are decisive to achieve a high quality of hatching eggs:

  • High nest acceptance
  • High hygienic standard
  • Short rolling-off distance and gentle transport of the eggs
  • Easy nest and egg belt control
  • Hens have to be prevented from sleeping or brooding inside the nest.

Relax fulfils all of these requirements optimally.

Important features

  • 4 use of high-quality materials, perforated nest insert made of plastic –> high nest acceptance;
  • 4 nest depth of 47 cm –> eggs have a short rolling-off distance;
  • 4 sophisticated, wood-free nest design –> for optimal hygiene and cleaning;
  • 4 divided roof of nest –> for optimal monitoring of nest and egg belt;
  • 4 solid nest legs made of plastic –> no danger of corrosion;
  • 4 egg channel is available in two widths: 400 or 500 mm;
  • 4 simple plug-in design, almost screw- less for quick and easy assembly.

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Relaxed Nest 

Relaxed Nest