Greengage Induction Systems

Breakthrough “Clip On” Power Technology

The ALIS Induction Power Hub delivers super high-frequency electricity to our LED lamps, providing a smooth dimmable luminance from 0%
to 100% that is safe.

ALIS is the only LED Agricultural Lighting Induction System. Providing lighting through a simple clip on contactless system. ALIS LED lamps
simply clip-on and turn on.

The AgriLamp Induction System (ALIS) is the very latest in piggery lighting launched by Stockyard Industries at the latest PPPE in the
Gold Coast.

ALIS uses never seen before, breakthrough, light induction technology: the bulbs simply need to be clipped onto the wire to turn on.

This cutting-edge solution allows for a state-of–the-art, top of the line, piggery light control technology to be utilised in one of the
easiest and user-friendly lighting systems available.

The simplicity, adaptability, and flexibility of ALIS allow it to be universally accessible, relevant and affordable to our customers,
from small-medium sized farmers to large scale producers.

ALIS enables agri-businesses to better manage and control the animals’ environment and growth processes using safe, simple, and sustainable

ALIS Induction Power System

ALIS It is a ‘contactless’ power technology that allows for the LED fixtures to simply be clipped onto the cable in order to turn on. The
system works by distributing highly regulated and safe constant current over the cable to the LED fixtures.

Continued product improvement and innovation means high-end and complex technology can be used in one of the easiest and user-friendly
lighting systems available. This allows this cutting-edge technology to be universally accessible and affordable.



All-Environment Rugged Build and Design

ALIS can withstand the toughest of environmental conditions. Humidity proof, dust-proof, and shatterproof. Completely waterproof with an
IP65 rating

Sustainable, Energy Efficient and environmentally friendly


LED bulbs are significantly more energy efficient, than all other traditional bulbs and energy saving bulbs such as Compact Fluorescent
Lamps (CFLs) and Halogen bulbs.

No mercury, meaning ALIS bulbs will not pollute if little or no recycling capabilities are available

Simple Installation, Re-usable and Long Lasting

No electrician is required, anyone can install the system, and only the very basic of tools are needed. ALIS bulbs can last over 40,000
hours and are completely re-usable.

Safe Power Delivery

ALIS has been designed to be extremely safe and prevent electrocution. The cable has double insulation, ensuring a close to zero chance
of the cable being stripped and exposing the conductor. Even if exposed it is still safe.

The system consists of:

  1. Power hub
  2. Dimmer controller – dims from 3-100%
  3. Double-insulated Cable
  4. LED fixtures
  5. Circuit terminator
  6. Instruction manual

Use our ROI calculator below which demonstrates the value in the ALIS platform

For more information or to request your own on-site demonstration call the Team at Stockyard Industries on 0746973344

For an overview of ALIS Barn lamp installed you can watch our video at